"All The Way"


When one of our best friends recommended Neal to us, we knew he had to be good.  But when we saw him in action at her birthday party, we saw just how brilliant he was and knew we had to have him sing at our wedding!  From the moment we made that decision and contacted Neal, we knew we had made the right choice.

Neal's a great listener and really made the preparation for our wedding easy.  We had a basic flow for the day but no specific ideas on music other than our first song (which we changed at the last minute, and still Neal managed to accommodate!).  We asked Neal and he made suggestions on the type of music and also when to have live music.  All were great ideas and so we pretty much let Neal have a free hand with planning the music for the day.
When our big day came, we arrived at the Reception venue to be greeted by Neal, who was smartly suited and booted, greeting the guests with song as they arrived.  And the day just got better from then on.
We have been to a number of weddings where the transition between the day event and the evening guests arriving sometimes feels a bit clunky.  However Neal effortlessly bridged that gap for us, by singing and interacting with the guests and even had a few of them singing with him, which we loved! 
In the evening, we asked Neal to do a disco.  Neal read the room really well and had everyone dancing throughout the night.  His wide range of music meant that he was able to adapt his set dynamically to suit our friends and family and he even had music to which our Irish relatives were able to show off their dancing skills!
Our wedding was a wonderful day for us, made even more special by having Neal there.  Our guests wanted to know how we found him and all commented on his effortless voice.  Neal makes the day all about you and has a real ability to blend with the wedding, as opposed to other weddings where singers/bands just seem to take over. 
We would heartedly recommend Neal to anyone planning a wedding or a party.  You won't regret it, and you and your guests will have an amazing time!
Sue & Paul  

Neal Astbury Just wanted to say thank you so much for your fantastic work for us on Saturday 
Matthew and Michelle
I have to apologise for my work colleagues, who I understand kept you past midnight by singing into your microphone.  I hope you didn't mind too much, they had a fab time.  We will be recomending you to everyone and hope to see you again in the future.
Kind regards
Gabrielle and Jason Knowlton-Maile - Bride & Groom
will happily recommend you to anyone.
Ashling Dowling - Bride                                       
Thank you once again , can't wait for another party to have you there !!  do you do christenings !!!!
Good luck  and best wishes
Karen and Jason - Bride & Groom 
The day was a great success -  well apart from loosing one of my ushers temporarily to Neal because he was so engrossed with his music collection.  If I had a pound for every time someone told me how great 'that singer' was at my wedding I could afford to get married all over again :0)
I have no problem recommending Neal to another Bride, infact i have done so already, so watch out Neal we could be seeing you in this neck of the woods again soon.
Katy Wheeler - Bride - South Wales
Thanks again Neal,
Best wishes from Stuart & Sarah Gannon - Bride & Groom     



You really set the tone for the day with your lovely singing to us both in the ceremony and then during the day.  Everyone loved you wandering around outside singing amongst them. Then the disco in the evening was great fun!

You are truly talented and such a nice person into the bargain. I would highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you again. You were FABULOUS!!!

Best regards Tracy and Duncan 

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 I turned into bridezilla at the wedding fair I attended but was automatically soothed by Frank Sinatra melodies in the background. Only when I was looking around did I realise this was not a recording but a relaxed guy blending in with the guests at the fair singing. I dragged my now withering mother towards him pleading with the powers that be, that maybe, just maybe he may be available for our (and what had been pointed out to me at every available opportunity) "very short notice wedding".

I blurted out my predicament also pointing out I was very precise in my wacky wedding plans to the 'singing guy'. Rummaging in his diary he declared he was free that day.

Neil was a legend from that point, coming to our home, asking what ambiance we wanted etc. And taking a real interest in what I truly wanted. 

Now, our wedding was out of the ordinary, a clasic church wedding, marquee and sit down meal in my parents garden, and then a hawaiian fancy dress party, with a guest band consisting of my neices, nephews and also my dad! Neil bought into this, not only agreed to everthing we asked, but also created the exact ambiance of my day, and also helped my surprise band set up. He calmed me the day before, gave a winning performance on the day and night and adapted to all of our wacky ideas!

I cannot thank him enough for what he did. He is a firm fixture (now as a guest and friend!! ) at all our family parties! I cannot recommend him enough to any person wanting to knock the socks off their guests!

Victoria & JP - Bride and groom 

 Upper Harlestone, Northampton


Would just like to say how grateful we are for having you sing at our charity ball. 

There have been many comments made about the standard of singing and that it was pleasant to have someone live and not recorded. 

You have certainly left a huge positive impression at the event and will be a hard act to follow for future events.  Once again many thanks and we look forward to booking you in the future.

Formality Formalwear



Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job singing at our wedding on the 1st November this year.  It seems ages ago now, but we have very fond memories of the day.  All our guests loved your singing and the star cloth was a huge hit.  Our photos looked lovely with the star cloth background.


Thank you !!    you were FAB!!  I was gutted to have to go and get the photos done -  every body loved you.

We had such a wonderful wedding with you there , everyone still talks about you, especially Ben , everytime he hears your sort of music he asks his mum if it's you singing !!!

I had met Neal at a friends wedding and had never seen an entertainer like him at a wedding before.  When I had the privilege of arranging my own wedding I hunted high and low for someone like Neal assuming distance would be a problem for him as I live in south Wales. 

After searching high and low for an entertainer like him I gave up and called Neal.  I explained my predicament that I knew what he was like and was comfortable with his performance and just could not find anyone like him, would there be anyway in the world he would consider traveling to South Wales to sing at my wedding. 

To my surprise he accepted and during the months leading up to my wedding he worked out a plan to fit in with our arrangements and budget.  He also asked us before the wedding if there were any songs that we would like to have played.  I thought this was useful as Neal could then understand what kind of music we liked, and it reassured us as we didn't want any music that could offend. 

The entertainment you pick for your big day has a huge affect on how the day goes, and I have to say we had a ball, never was the dance floor empty.

We both just wanted to thank you so much for making our wedding day extra special. You were fantastic in our meetings beforehand and all throughout the wedding day. Magical, just perfect! Our guests shared our feeling with comments like 'brilliant' 'fabulous' 'sooooo talented' and 'wonderful'.